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Am I experienced enough to go on the group rides?

PostMods Scooter Club is very happy to welcome absolute beginners on our group rides, as well as advanced riders with many many years of scooter riding under their belts. We feel that this is a great way to become accustomed to your scooter and learn safe riding techniques from experienced riders. You will also learn about our local roads and various conditions throughout the year.

Beginning in 2022, we will be creating a rating system for our rides which should help riders determine if a particular group ride is suitable for them.

The officers of PostMods will not police anyone who joins a ride, but the rider should use the descriptions below and join a ride which matches their experience and hardware.

Also note, that it is possible that a particular ride may have more than one riding level – meaning that we can start a ride at a level 1 and after lunch have a level 2 or 3 return to the clubhouse. In the event that this happens you can either find your way back home without the group or the group may split into two groups, with 2 different levels on a portion of the ride.

The Group ride level will be clearly designated for all rides and discussed before the ride begins.


Level 1 Group Rides

Ride for everyone, good for beginners – no highways or freeways.

Scooters: 50cc and above

Level 2 Group Rides

Advanced beginners and up – Mostly back roads and some short higher speeds roads, very little time on highways such as 12, 128, 116

Ride lengths: 60 + miles.
Scooter: 125cc and above

Level 3 Group Rides

Intermediate riders – May include highways such as 12, 128, 116

Ride lengths: 75 + miles.
Scooter: 150cc and above

Level 4 Group Rides

Advance riders – longer distance may include freeways 101 and highways 12, 128, 116 – higher speeds

Ride lengths: 100 + miles.
Scooter: 250cc and above

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