Happy 2019 my fellow scooterists,

This month, we’re kicking off the new year with an unprecedented CLUB-WIDE 2019 EVENTS PLANNING MEETING.  Everyone is encouraged to attend, from nonmember regulars who ride with the club each month to coin-wielding members and every scooterist in between.  All who attend will have a voice in helping to shape the PostMods Scooter Squad’s 2019 riding season!

The meeting shall be hosted by fellow PostModster Brian Kestenblatt and shall be held from 5-6:30pm at the SF Columbarium at One Loraine Court near Stanyan and Anza Streets in San Francisco. An early dinner shall be served by the club, including burgers and brats along with vegetarian choices as well. To better prepare our culinary feast, RSVP’s are encouraged no later than Friday January 25th at 5pm.  Simply respond to this email to let me know you’ll be attending, text the club at 707.293.3101 or RSVP online at the club’s Facebook Page event.

We’ll be discussing various rides and events for 2019.  How about a midnight ride to Point Reyes and back? Want to see another team-based scavenger hunt this year? How about one of a handful of history-themed ride ideas we’ve got clanging around our heads (anyone familiar with San Francisco’s network of water catchment cisterns, hidden in plain sight?)?!?!  We’ll be weighing the options for our club’s first official scooter rally, a potential camping trip this summer/fall and other various events.  Also on the agenda shall be membership drive ideas and fund raising / raffle plans which will very likely include a model year 2020 Vespa giveaway at this year’s Festival of Lights in December. 

I speak for everyone on the PostMods team when I say that 2019 is shaping up to be our best year yet, full of rousing rides and engaging events, tasty treks and plenty of prizes for all who join in on the fun.  Not to be missed!

Hope to see you all there,

Pete D.R. Surber
Director of Membership & Recruitment